Domestic Breeds;   There are three main domestic breeds of pigs in the USA, which are the Duroc, Hampshire and the Yorkshire( also known as large white), while in Europe they favor breeds of pigs such as the Landrace, Largewhite as well as the previous mentioned breeds. In Australian commercial piggeries they also favor the Landrace ,Largewhite, Duroc & Hampshire.


Duroc Pig

DUROC;  The Duroc is a reddish colored pig with dropping ears, and has the ability to adapt to a variety of climate conditions. The origins of their color are not quite known, although a breed of Red Jersey pig was crossed with a Duroc from New York around the time of the civil war, and this breed was refined and became what is known as the Red Duroc of today. It was the original red pig that gives debate as to whether it came from Spain Or Africa.

The Duroc gives a nice big “eye bacon” and a good size ham , making it popular with growers. Another plus for the Duroc is the adaptability and having the color it has ( no need to worry as much about sunburn), it is perfect for a small hobby farmer.

Large white


Large White Pig


The large white ( also known as Yorkshire) is a popular pig for commercial piggeries. The origins of the large white pig come from England, where it was developed as a breed in the 1700s. The large white was originally breed from a breed of pig from Canton in China. The large white is a valuable pig in todays pork industry. The large white sow is renowned for her high milk yield. The large white is a very hardy breed of pig that can tolerate a wide range of climates.  The large white has ears that stand up, they have no black hair, and of course they are white all over.


Landrace Pig


The landrace pig was bred in Denmark when a large white pig was crossed with a wild native pig. It was not until they had refined the bred and during world war ll that Denmark started to export this bred. England imported the first landrace in 1949 and improved the bred a little further.

The landrace became an important pig to the pork industry around the world, with the cross breeding with a large white. The  drawbacks the landrace has is weak legs, splayed legs and  nervous disorders, but with cross breeding with the large white these traits have mostly disappeared.

Landrace are a long pig with floppy ears, white skin and no black hair.

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hampshire-pig-all-about- pigs

Hampshire Pig

Hampshire Pig

The hampshire is known for its black body and a shoulder band of white running down to the pigs front legs.

The hampshire pig is one of America′s oldest breeds of pig and is in the top breeds for this country. The hampshire as the name suggests is originally from the English , county of Hampshire, and believed to be from an old English breed.

First exported to the USA in approximately 1827 from Hampshire. Ever so popular with the hobby farmer to the commercial pig industry, known for its rapid growth and muscular body. The sows are wonderful mothers producing large milk supplies and a long breeding life. these pigs are great for backyard pig raising.

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